A herd of wild vicuña, which are Home in the Meso-American

high mountains of the Andes .

Mostly pull this pretty shy llama-like cloven-hoofed animals in groups of up to 12 animals around.

They reach a shoulder height of 100 cm and

weigh on average 50 kg.


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A single, completely irritated showpiece.

But once no isolated case.

Since your exclusive fur came into the public consciousness, it suddenly became a status symbol of the upper class.

This course has also attracted poachers who wanted to go with your thuggery only quick money. Therefore, you are under protection of species, and were threatened with extinction. But due to various protection measures, the stock could recover gradually.

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Next, the frightened animals are traditionally cropped.

It should be noted that an adult animal per pass provides only 200 grams and only every two years.

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In the final manufacturing step, the exquisite, thick wool is cleaned, concentrated, and ultimately spun into fine yarns and offers in the form of clews.

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